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Myrtle Beach Marketing Professional and Graphic Designer - About




My name is Catherine and I have a lot of creative skills to offer that are ideal for small businesses or individuals. I have a lifelong love for art and design along with education and career in Marketing. This is a sample of my personal hobbies and freelance work that I enjoy outside of my full time work. I started this freelance business a few years back to be able to do work for a former colleague and friend and today I have I've expanded my skills and enjoy earning extra income doing what I love on the side. 





I grew up in a rural town south of the Bay area of California called Gilroy. In 2005, I followed my family across the country where my parents found affordable retirement on the coast of South Carolina in Myrtle Beach. Today I enjoy what locals like to call "Inlet life" in the historic fishing town of Murrells Inlet.  


Education / Coastal Carolina University

I graduated with Magna Cum Laude Honors in 2011 from Coastal Carolina University with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Marketing


Work Experience / The Inlet Sports Lodge - Murrells Inlet, SC

I was fortunate to land a job in my field months after graduation.  I started as a Concierge/Marketing Coordinator at a small luxurious and one-of-a-kind boutique resort in Murrells Inlet, just south of Myrtle Beach, where my role grew over time to various hats as the Director of Marketing, Golf Packages and Group Sales. I was able to tap into my inner artistic side through stimulating in-house Graphic Design projects, and put my creative efforts to their best in Marketing. My success in growing our resort's Facebook following from under 2,000 to a fan base of over 11,000, and seeing concrete results from Facebook Advertising has left me with enthusiasm in the potential of social media marketing.



In 2016 I decided to take an online class to learn the basics of HTML web design. I realized soon after that this was a new untapped passion I wanted to continue to fully develop, so it led me on an 18 month journey where I completed almost a dozen 6 week intensive online courses including various levels of HTML5, CSS3 and Wordpress courses, and even some SEO. Today I enjoy practicing this freelance work outside of my full time work. 




4 Fun & RANDOM FACTS About Me :) 

  1. My hometown is known as the Garlic Capital, and they have a large Garlic Festival every July that has been featured on the Travel Channel and Food Network.

  2. My dream occupation today would be to travel, write, and take pictures for National Geographic.

  3. I have drove through or stopped in over half of the states in the U.S.

  4. I don't have a favorite color!